Marcin Domański



  • Bunkier

    Are you familiar with games like Alien Breed and Cannon Fodder? I wanted to create my own game that would be a combination of these excellent works. You can watch gameplay here or download install zip here.

  • Gradient generator

    Application to create awesome gradients in CSS. The app made it to the informal list of the best frontend apps of 2023.

  • Draw on Desktop

    An application used to draw. Once drawn, you can move, group, scale and collectively change the color of selected elements

  • Color manager

    An application used to retrieve, manage and save colors from the desktop.

  • Pipe game

    A game of arranging tubes so that water can flow through.

  • Bootstrap Icons picker

    An application used to quickly select Bootstrap icons.

  • Image placeholder

    My own image placeholder written in Node.js using Express.

  • Sznurki the game

    One of my first works - a game for two players, reminiscent in its concept of gameplay from the movie Tron. The game was written in Assembler. To run it you need DosBox.